Degen Development Group

DDG consists of a seasoned cross functional team with demonstrated results growing revenue and building and launching equipment.

Our focus is on developing technology and supporting our customers in their successful implementation through improvements to existing processes, delivery of new equipment or purely delivering value added parts in a competitive, professional manner.



Degen Development Group is comprised of senior technical and operational leaders from Noble International – at one point a $1.2 Billion company with 23 plants and considered a Global Leader in the Laser Welded Blank and Roll Forming industries.

Our company is focused on process equipment design, build, and integration and has deployed multiple systems internationally in new and existing markets.

DDG has strategic partnerships with significant players in the equipment design, build, and integration fields, as well as, similar arrangements with pure parts manufacturers.


Our Qualifications

  • Highly qualified staff.
  • Technically diverse.
  • Focused on engineering quality.
  • Highest degree of work ethics and integrity.
  • Trustworthy and dependable professionals.
  • Solid industry foundation and reputation.
  • Full-service engineering capability from concept to launch.

Our Strengths

  • Proven results in plant turnarounds.
  • Quick paybacks with quick launches in new markets.
  • Delivery of multiple programs that demonstrated overall program cost and time savings.
  • Proven capability for technology transfer and synergy development between related businesses and acquisitions.
  • Maximization of opportunities with existing low cost capital, reconfiguring and redeploying in an
    efficient, strategic manner.